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The .NET Framework is a software platform designed and developed by Microsoft. It’s very well-suited to business purposes — not only for the Windows operating system, but for macOS and Linux as well. According to Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey, the .NET Framework is now used by over 37% of developers around the world, which makes it one of the fastest developing technologies today, backed by a large community of experts. It offers sufficient stability, a high level of security, easy deployment and essential support

On top of Azure Cloud, which is closely associated with the .NET platform, we craft solutions that are easy to scale, without the need for internal servers. And we store all of our applications in one place. We also ensure highly effective software deployment, both in terms of time and costs.

When building an app, we always use the technologies that are adapted to its specific requirements. In the case of web apps, we typically harness Angular and React. For desktop apps — which work great for internal purposes within a company — we make use of, among other things, the Windows Presentation Foundation. And when it comes to mobile apps, we code on top of the React Native framework, since this allows us to develop native solutions for both iOS and Android.

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