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What we do

Our approach to software development

We bet on the Agile methodology. What exactly does this mean?

To put it simply, we can describe our approach using the 7 most important principles of cooperation:


First of all, we practice continuous cooperation with the client.


We start by collecting general project requirements. This allows us to analyze specific needs, preferences and business goals in order to prepare a preliminary project scope.


We don’t follow rigid plans. We break the work down into smaller tasks that are accomplished within timeboxed iterations — referred to as “sprints” in Scrum terminology.


Each sprint takes exactly 2 weeks. This way, we can easily check on each stage of the project, correct certain assumptions and adapt to necessary changes. We can also react to any emerging obstacles with flexibility


The client’s feedback is extremely important during the software development process. It steers us in the right direction and allows us to proactively come up with the best, most suitable solutions. This allows us to deploy a product that is totally
aligned with the expectations.


We emphasize open and honest communication, and unimpeded contact with the client, who always has a detailed view into our processes, so they can monitor the progress of the project in real time. We value customer cooperation and effective software development over comprehensive documentation and following formal


And last but not least, the agile method allows us to make precise estimations in terms of the cost and time of the entire project.

Every sprint follows a simple outline:


establish requirements

develop software

get feedback

return to project requirements + make necessary corrections/adjustments

The benefits of the Agile methodology

Our approach to software development and client collaboration entails a number of advantages:


In an ever-changing environment, project requirements fluctuate as well. Flexible adaptation is key to being able to work efficiently, and in an orderly manner


Time-to-market becomes relatively short, compared to other, more traditional methodologies. Being agile allows both the client and stakeholders to get a faster return on investment.


Both the development team and client have access to all of the information and data insights related to the project. They also have total risk awareness and full knowledge about any wins and losses that occur along the way

Working software

Cut-and-dried time frames, plus a detailed view into any processes, allow the project to run in a predictable manner. This way, the client maintains high reliability in front of
their stakeholders and can make better, more accurate decisions.


The process of developing a product is constantly being perfected. Implementing the agile methodology helps prevent a lot of unnecessary mix-ups, tensions and critical situations from occurring.


The principles of cooperation are clear and transparent. They make it possible to work in a way that is easy and understandable for everyone.


The final product is a reflection of the client’s needs and expectations — its development goes in alignment with the maturing requirements.

If you have any questions regarding our cooperation or would like to discuss your idea — don’t hesitate to contact us. The sooner, the better. We’re here to help!